I Spent My Future Building a Star

We worked as a team. A huge team of scientists and builders like me.

No one had built a star before. We were going to be the first.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? We know now. We built very special pins and we saw things that no one had ever seen before. The scientists knew how to make these pins. They were needed to help build the star.

It took years of work. When it was finished we all crowded together to get a look. A very important scientist was there. He turned the switch. We had made the very first star.

We're all retired now. We still like to talk about the old days when we built the star. Especially when our grandchildren visit. We wish they'd visit more often. We tell them how we built the star.
"The star that makes the electricity for our houses Grandpa? Did you make that star?"
"No, not that one. We made the other star. The star that kills."

Notes: Images made in Inkblot Kaos, a fractal program (beetle05b.ink). The first and second-last one was processed with Flaming Pear's India Ink filter.